Shelly & Trina Tries

Paddle Board Yoga

We had such an amazing time trying Paddle Board Yoga with SUP 501 Yoga!

What an adventure!

Although both of us have some yoga experience, we can’t be considered “yogis", by any means. We were both very fearful of possibly falling into the water. Julie Kaylor, another first time SUP Paddle Board Yoga participant, stated that her main fear was also falling in. We imagine that this is probably the most common concern for everyone.

Choosing to step outside of our fitness comfort zone always brings up some concerns, and anxiety.

• What if performing yoga on a paddle board looked more like teaching a little kid how to ride a bike—crash and burn.

• Trina was concerned that her limited flexibility and lack of balance would lessen her SUP experience.

The truth is, none of those concerns mattered once we entered the water. There’s just something about water that instills peace. .

Lets Talk Skills

You really don't need ANY! SUP Yoga 501 owner, Jo Ann Camp, does an amazing job of coaching you through the process. When class starts, while still on land, Jo Ann spends some time explaining the mechanics of using the Paddle Board, and the structure of the class.

Everyone then sets off into the middle of the lake, where we were all anchored to a line to keep us from floating away, before starting our hour long class.

Something You Should Know

Falling is almost guaranteed, and encouraged! Even the regulars and professionals fall into the water. We both agree, once you fall in the water the first time, the class is more fun! You suddenly don’t have the pressure you put on yourself to stay dry.

Overall, it was a full body workout. Your core is working overtime to help you balance on a moving platform that shifts as boats and wind gusts come and go.

At times it was easy for us to follow the “flow,” and at other times we both struggled to maintain balance and concentration. If at any point you are not comfortable with a move, you are encouraged to hold whatever position you are comfortable with.

Favorite Part

Both of us loved hearing the birds greet the morning sun.

The calmness of the water.

Hearing the city slowly wake up.

Being with our bestie on a new fitness adventure.

Proud Moments

Trina perfected the Warrior II.

Shelly completed a headstand.